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MycoKey 2020 Final Conference online: “Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain”

The MycoKey 2020 International Final Conference is going to close the successful MycoKey cycle of events organized during the H2020 project, in Ghent, Belgium (2017), Wuhan, China (2018), Zurich, Switzerland (2019), Helsinki, Finland (2017), Bucharest, Romania (2017), Bari, Italy (2016 -2017).
Experts, researchers, industries will present the results of the 4-year project and future perspectives in the field of mycotoxins management.

Food and Natural Resources
19 October 2020 - 21 October 2020
Bari, Italy

3 days of online presentations and discussion will open the door to the main outcomes of the MycoKey project, arising from the cooperation of 32 partners from EU and China.

Experts will present the advances in the following fields: Biodiversity, Fungi Monitoring & Functional Genomics of Toxigenic Fungi, Challenges in Mycotoxin Analysis in food and feed, Prevention in the field, Intervention strategies, Food and feed Remediation & Processing, Modelling & ICT Solutions.

Voices from the industries and insights from EU projects and strategy will complete the scenario of the food safety in Europe as well as the main food and feed chain management issues.
Conference website:

The conference will be held online and in streaming on the MycoKey YouTube channel. Registration available at

The MycoKey Executive Committee and the Conference scientific committee have also scheduled the physical conference, to be held in Bari, Italy from 8 to 11 March, after the project's end. This will contribute to enhance the networking, scientific cooperation and enlarge the mycotoxins community, which has been working hard during this COVID-19 outbreak.


Food safety, Feed Safety, mycotoxins, contamination