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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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ILEAnet virtual Public Workshop: Innovative Technologies for Border Management

The H2020 security project ILEAnet organises with the support and participation of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) its virtual Public Workshop from 3 to 5 November 2020. The objective of ILEAnet is to bridge the gap between LEA practitioners and the research community to facilitate the uptake of solutions by police forces and support concrete results for a more secure Europe.

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3 November 2020 - 5 November 2020
Paris, France
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Tackling operational challenges

The topics which will be addressed in the ILEAnet Public Workshop are based on the operational challenges and needs identified thanks to the work carried out by ILEAnet and will benefit from the perspective provided by Frontex. They include the registration of irregular migrants, the monitoring of pre-frontier areas and the exploitation of information systems related to these issues.

More specifically, attention will be paid to practical needs raised by LEAs in response to ILEAnet surveys. They range from the training needs of field officers in domains such as interview techniques, foreign languages, legal frameworks, risk analysis and data collection to the compatibility and management of the different public databases, the improvement of the criminal intelligence processes and border information collection system, the possibility to conduct mass data analysis and the access to all relevant data including from biometric documents.

Showcasing research projects & promoting useful outputs

In line with the ILEAnet methodology as evidenced in previous events, the third ILEAnet Public Workshop will convene an expert audience. It will also benefit from the support and participation from Frontex and provide latest developments and thinking in the management of irregular migration. Focusing on tangible outputs to encourage uptake, it will also target and showcase innovative solutions adopting a use case/scenario approach as to ensure that LEAs gain valuable insights into the relevance and easiness of use of those solutions prior to considering deploying them.

At the end of this three-day event, participants will have:

• Furthered their awareness of the challenges and needs faced by LEAs dealing with illegal migration
• Gained an informed overview of best practices and solutions existing in this domain
• Reflected on potential gaps and opportunities in order to inform a future research agenda supportive of LEAs’ priorities
• Learned about solutions brought by security research and innovation in a practical way
• Deepened their own expertise benefitting from Frontex migratory outlook and peers’ testimonials and experiences

If you are a LEA or an academic dealing with border management and irregular migration-related issues in your line of work, please contact the ILEAnet Scientific Coordination at to register.

A preliminary programme is online at:


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