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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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Immersive Technologies Online Symposium – VR & ZOOM

Since there is no better way to talk about Immersive Technologies than simply using them for discussion, the first day of the symposium will be realized exclusively as an Immersive VR symposium and delivered via the AltspaceVR platform (by Microsoft). The 2nd day of the symposium will be delivered via ZOOM platform that is to ensure maximum reach of the symposium also for those who have not yet entered the world on VR.

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19 October 2020 - 20 October 2020
Online, Ireland
© COMPACT project
The symposium will be hosted on the 19th and 20th of October from 16:30 IST – 18:30 IST. An additional session from 18:30 -19:30 will be conducted for those who wish to stay longer.

The Symposium will also serve as a platform for project related comparison of two modes of conference delivery, therefore the setting for both meetings will be similar. Specifically, on both days we intend to have 10 speakers coming from EU and USA representing a wide range of VR stakeholders, coming from business, research, education and NGOs communities. Some speakers might present in both VR and ZOOM mode.

The virtual venue will host up to 70 participants as audience in fully immersive mode. Most of the participants are expected to wear VR headsets, however participation via PC or Mobile Phone/Tablet will be also possible. Additionally, the symposium will be live streamed via Facebook for a broader audience and additional feedback. Due to the very specific nature of the symposium – immersive VR, we wish to limit the duration of the major session to two hours with a time selected to suit both EU and USA speakers & audience. That is due to technical limitations of some of the VR headsets (battery) as well as to ensure the comfort and safety of all the participants.

The ZOOM platform will host up to 290 participants and to ensure a homogenous nature for the major session it will also last 2 hours with an additional 1h reserved for those who wish to stay connected.

The symposium will start with a round of introduction and include short presentations (3 min each – timed, for introduction). The presentations will involve public speech on the virtual podium and presentation on the virtual screen. That will be followed by 3 discussion panels and a closing session. Specifically the agenda will be as follows:

16:30 IST – Introduction of COMPACT and the Speakers

16:35 IST – Speakers Short Presentations

17:05 IST – I Discussion Panel – VR past, present and the future – what are the major challenges for VR adoption as a mainstream communication medium. What must we do to ensure VR will not repeat the mistakes made by Social Media.

17:25 IST – II Discussion Panel – VR and Mainstream Media – The convergence of old & new is imminent but how is it going to happen? Future Story Telling, VR Live Shows, VR Performances – are they already here?

17:45 IST – Coffee Break – Participants take off their headsets – let them charge and rest their “eyes and necks”

18:00 IST – III Discussion Panel – The consequences of Immersion – what are the immediate opportunities and how are we going to harness the power of VR in daily communication and business.

18:30 IST – Closing Of The Main Session – Summary of the Discussion

18:35 IST – Additional Session – Presentations and Demos

19:30 IST – The closing of the event


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