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The webinar had more than 30 participants from 20 different companies. After the introduction of the INNTERESTING project made by IKERLAN, VITO presented the social, environmental and sustainability assessments that had been done.

Climate Change and Environment
Industrial Technologies
10 September 2020 - 10 September 2020
Online, Belgium

On Thursday 10th of September 2020, the INNTERESTING stakeholder consultation meeting took place via Zoom to enable the participance of all the stakeholders. There were more than 30 participants from 20 European companies. Marcos Suarez, from the Basque Energy Cluster, opened the meeting with the following agenda:

- Welcome and practicalities of the meeting (BEC - Marcos Suarez)
- General introduction to the INNTERESTING project (IKERLAN - Mireia Olave)
- Social acceptance of wind energy technology (VITO - Karolien Peeters)
- Environmental requirements for (future) wind energy technology (VITO - Wai Chung Lam)
- Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of three reference wind turbines
* findings of environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (VITO - Wai Chung Lam)
* findings of economic Life Cycle Costing (LCC) (VITO - Sofie de Regel)
* findings of Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) (VITO - Karolien Peeters)

During the meeting, there were some Poll Questions that showed the knowledge of the participants and their concerns about the topic. In this way, the assistants shared their point of view and their previous experiences related with the social, environmental and sustainability assessments. There were very interesting contributions from different companies, experts when dealing with these aspects.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the findings that VITO had done after developing the different assessments. Once again, some companies gave their point of view, remarking some very important points to be considered. The INNTERESTING consortium took note of this and after telling about the next steps to be done in the project, the meeting came to an end.

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Wind energy, Renewable energies, Hybrid methodology, Testing methods