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Horizon Europe project management-learn to manage H2020 projects in parallel with Horizon Europe projects

2-day long live online course on 18-19 March 2021

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18 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
Online, Hungary
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This project management course will provide you with practical tips and tools for setting up your project management and communication system. We will guide you through the preparation of the Consortium Agreement, introduce the effective dissemination and communication strategies, and most importantly help you to tackle periodic reporting and technical reviews.

Topics covered:

*New ‘Corporate Model Grant Agreement’*

-Legal agreements - with the EC, between partners and with external parties
-Subcontracting and Third-Party Agreements
-Your obligations coming from the Grant Agreement
-Consortium Agreement

*Essential tools and “weapons” of a top-notch coordinator*

-Practical tools
-Internal communication
-Internal monitoring and reporting
-Data and IP management

*Communication, Exploitation and dissemination*

-Things you would like to know before the submission of periodic reports

*Reporting and Reviews*

-Continuous and periodic reporting
-Technical reviews
-Typical mistakes and best practices

Detailed agenda of the course is available at:


H2020, Horizon Europe, Project management, technical review, reporting