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Online Event: The Broken Internet Symposium

As the outer space bodies of Jupiter and Saturn align on the 21st of December 2020 we invite all of you to join our grand aligning of cyberspace during The Broken Internet Symposium. The event will start at 4PM CET and conclude at 6:30 PM.
We shall answer fundamental questions about: where have we been? where are we? and where are we headed with the Internet after 2020?

Digital Economy Digital Economy
21 December 2020 - 21 December 2020
Galway, Ireland
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We shall discuss the issues concentrating on 3 pillars:
1) Media Convergence Impact:
-The transition to digital infrastructure disrupts the equilibrium between media production costs and potential revenue
-Small media outlets are dying
-This diminishes pluralism of information and limits access to a diversity of views

2) Digital Infrastructure
-Unfair competition from digital platforms
-Forces all media to use the same digital information grids
-Empowers monopolies that only serve the few
-And violates privacy and copyrights

3) Policy Catch 22
-Digital empires prevail
-Where advertising algorithms distort information and reality
-Creating deceptive information bubbles
-Resulting in irrational collective decisions

Registration is available at:

Agenda and information with Zoom link will be sent to the registered participants.
The event will be also streamed on the Compact project Facebook page.
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