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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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11th Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems + Artificial Intelligence Summer School (PUMPS+AI 2021)

The eleventh edition of the Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems + Artificial Intelligence summer school (PUMPS+AI) is aimed at enriching the skills of researchers, graduate students and teachers with cutting-edge technique and hands-on experience in developing applications for many-core processors with massively parallel computing resources like GPU accelerators.

Industrial Technologies icon Industrial Technologies
5 July 2021 - 9 July 2021
Barcelona, Spain
Deadline for applications is 30 April 2021 and registration is free for attendees from academia and public institutions. For more information and application form, please visit

Some of the topics that will be covered during the course:
Deep Learning
High-level programming models (OpenACC, Python, and Mathematica on GPUs)
CUDA Algorithmic Optimization Strategies
Dealing with Sparse and Dynamic data
Efficiency in Large Data Traversal
Reducing Output Interference
Controlling Load Imbalance and Divergence
Acceleration of Collective Operations
Dynamic Parallelism and HyperQ
Debugging and Profiling CUDA Code
Multi-GPU Execution
Architecture Trends and Implications
Introduction to OmpSs and to the Paraver analysis tool
OmpSs: Leveraging GPU/CUDA Programming
Hands-on Labs: CUDA Optimizations on Scientific Codes; OmpSs Programming and Tuning

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (University of Illinois)
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
HiPEAC Network of Excellence (HiPEAC)
PUMPS is part of this year’s PRACE Advanced Training Centre program


CUDA, Parallel computing, GPU accelerators, Deep Learning, Programming models, OpenACC, Python, Mathematica, OmpSs