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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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Presentation of Spanish Scientific and Industrial Opportunities at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL)

This webinar is organised by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - UPM Big Science in collaboration with CDTI and the ILL, and it will be introduced by the UPM Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies and the ILL Scientific Director.

Industrial Technologies icon Industrial Technologies
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Fundamental Research icon Fundamental Research
7 May 2021 - 7 May 2021
Madrid, Spain
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To achieve the objectives of the webinar, firstly, a general overview of the Institut, its instruments and activities with academia and industry will be presented. Moreover, one of its main modernisation programmes, “Endurance”, will be also featured. Secondly, the Spanish opportunities to strengthen relations with ILL will be highlighted in order to emphasise, afterwards, the main areas of research and procedures at ILL. Finally, UPM past experience with the ILL and the Institut’s own collaborations with industry will be considered.

It is important to stress that UPM has a strong expertise and capabilities in some of those areas such as in Instrumentation & Control and CODAC, Diagnostics, Detectors and Instruments or Electrical and Electromechanical technology.

UPM Big Science team hopes this webinar will fulfil the assistance expectations and will turn out to be a fruitful event to contribute to a stronger interaction between the ILL and the academia.

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Neutron science, Large Scale Research Facility, Diffraction, Spectroscopy, Imaging, Life Science, Nuclear and Particle physics