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Content archived on 2022-07-06

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Lunch at SocialRES: Energy democracy – policy framework

Join us in the third episode of the Lunch at SocialRES live webinar series as we discuss the policy framework behind energy democracy.

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10 June 2021 - 10 June 2021
Lodi, Italy
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The aim of this third webinar of the Lunch at SocialRES series is to provide an overview on the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and regulatory frameworks to support a climate that is conducive to the initiation, consolidation and upscaling of socially innovative organisations in the energy sector. The focus lies on the 3 key actor groups investigated in the SocialRES project: Communities, (Crowd)funding platforms and energy aggregators.

In addition to that, Adelphi will mention the EU level legislative developments that will shape the market for the social innovations for energy democracy in the coming years. Lastly, Adelphi will show the research findings from a series of interviews held with experts and practitioners in the energy field and the social innovations therein, laying out the principal barriers and enablers that these face in their national contexts.

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