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Final COBACORE project event

The EU-funded COBACORE project will be holding its final event, ‘New Perspectives’, in Leiden, the Netherlands, on 1 March 2016.

1 March 2016 - 1 March 2016
Leiden, Netherlands

This final conference explores the topic of community participation in disaster management and will present and summarise the key results and innovations developed by the COBACORE project.

The project overall aimed to support common needs assessment and recovery planning efforts in complex multi-sectorial, multi-stakeholder crisis environments by building upon the community as an important source of information and capabilities.

Participants will be discussing the following issues:

- What can be learnt from recent and current disaster situations?
- What barriers and opportunities exist for volunteers to help during a crisis?
- How can social and technical innovation empower communities to be involved in disaster recovery?

For further information please see:
COBACORE event webpage