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MOSAIC project workshop

The EU-funded MOSAIC project will be holding a three-day workshop on novel concepts for microwave components in Varberg, Sweden, from 15 to 18 June 2016.

15 June 2016 - 18 June 2016
Varberg, Sweden

It is close to 20 Years since the predictions by Slonczewski and Berger in 1996 of the spin momentum transfer effect. The huge research activity initiated by this has opened amongst others the path to novel concepts for microwave components.

This three-day workshop, organised in the framework of the EU-funded MOSAIC project, will gather scientists working in this and related subject areas to discuss advances on magnetisation dynamics induced by and/or based on spin transfer effects and their potential for applications.

The main topics for the workshop include fundamental and applied aspects on:

- Microwave signal generation and manipulation in spin torque and spin Hall nano‐oscillators
- Frequency detection by spin torque diode and other effects
- Magnonics, magnon spintronics and spin‐wave logic
- Magnetisation dynamics including coupling and synchronisation mechanisms and excitation of magnetic textures

For more information please see:
project event webpage