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Second International Legume Society Conference

Several EU-funded projects will be present at the Second International Legume Society Conference that will be taking place in Troia, Portugal, from 11 to 14 October 2016.

11 October 2016 - 14 October 2016
Troia (Setubal), Portugal

The conference, which will focus on issues such as legume quality and nutrition, farming systems, abiotic and biotic stress responses and breeding, new ‘omics’ resources for legumes, and legume genetic resources, will also host the final meeting of the ABSTRESS project, as well as the annual meetings of the LEGATO and EUROLEGUME projects.

The health and environmental benefits, as well as the marketing of legumes will be transversal topics throughout the conference. Special attention will be given to fostering the interaction of researchers and research programmes with different stakeholders, including farmers and farmer associations, the seed/feed and food industries, and consumers.

For more information please see:
conference website