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CHOICE workshop: Exploring FIWARE opportunities towards China

On November 6th, the CHOICE project will host its workshop on “Exploring FIWARE opportunities towards China”(1), which will take place at the Wälderhaus Hotel (2) in Hamburg, Germany.

6 November 2015 - 6 November 2015

It will be organised under the aegis of the European Commission as part of the 3rd European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI-3) (3) and with the support from the FIWARE Mundus initiative (4).

This workshop will bring together key stakeholders specialized in the ICT field to discuss EU-China RDI collaboration under FIWARE with a focus on key technological domains like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and specific application fields such as Smart City. In particular, this workshop will aim to:

• Explore EU-China developments on research excellence in the area of IoT, Big Data and Smart Cities;
• Generate policy dialogues by facilitating the interaction between European and Chinese officials;
• Promote FI-PPP and FIWARE European initiative and its applications towards China;
• Propose self-sustaining mechanisms for strengthening EU-China research collaboration.

Over 30 delegates are expected to attend this thematic workshop, including policy stakeholders from the European Commission and Chinese Ministries MOST & MIIT, representatives from the EU-China Expert Group on Future Internet and the EU-China Green Smart City Expert Group, and main research stakeholders from Europe and China specialized in ICT/Future Internet/Smart Cities.

To participate to the CHOICE workshop “Exploring FIWARE opportunities towards China”, please register to the ECFI-3 event (5).

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For all inquiries, please contact:

(1) For additional information, visit the event webpage:
(5) For registration to ECFI-3:

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• The CHOICE project aims to provide timely input and follow-up on common ICT R&D priorities and future cooperation opportunities between the EC and China by developing a roadmap towards a strengthened EU-China ICT R&D cooperation strategy for cooperation beyond FP7.
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• The European Conference on the Future Internet aims at bringing together key stakeholders to discuss how Europe can achieve global leadership in ICT by 2020 through innovative Internet technologies. In this context, industry and political stakeholders will discuss central socio-economic and technological topics of Future Internet infrastructures and services in Europe. (
• The FIWARE Mundus initiative, promoted by the FI-LINKS project, aims at supporting the process of evolving FI-PPP to a worldwide champion of Internet innovation by taking into account the specific business requirements of both large European industries and SMEs, supporting the adoption of the FI-PPP in non-covered EU regions and beyond, and validating the long-term vision of FI-PPP. (

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