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FOF-IMPACT final conference

The EU-funded FOF-IMPACT project will host its final conference on 1 December 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

1 December 2016 - 1 December 2016
Brussels, Belgium

The FOF-IMPACT project is a two-year project coordinated by the European Factories for the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and funded through the Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership (PPP). The project's objective is to increase the impact of the EU’s ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership under Horizon 2020.

The final event, entitled ‘Factories of the Future – Making Innovation Happen’ will discuss the key results of the project. There will also be ‘Pitch’ sessions which will focus on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches. Presentations will most likely be 10 minutes long.

For more information, please see:
final conference agenda - PDF