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MyNewGut Final Conference

The EU-funded MyNewGut project will be holding its final project conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 18 October, 2018.

18 October 2018 - 18 October 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Organised with the support of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), the MyNewGut final conference will present the results of the 5-year project. Partners will provide input on how the human gut microbiota and its genome (microbiome) influence obesity and behavioural and lifestyle-related disorders.

MyNewGut brought together 30 partners from 15 countries and worked to identify specific dietary strategies to improve the long-term health of the population. Project efforts and outcomes have important implications for related research and innovation. Emerging evidence indicates that the gut microbiome contributes to our ability to extract energy from the diet and influences development and functioning of the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. This has led to a hypothesis that advancing microbiome-based dietary interventions can be cost-effective measures to prevent diet-related and behavioural disorders.

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