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Responsible Research and Innovation for the Ocean – An Ocean of Opportunities for a Blue Society

Take control of an underwater robot, replicate a raging sea and see how electric current can be produced in a small wave tank. Open drawers of a cabinet of curiosities and discover products that contain elements obtained from marine species. Visualise the world ocean on a gigantic screen, combine data layers, and find connections between the state of the ocean and human activities.
The MARINA travelling exhibition showcases how treasures from the sea can benefit our daily life.

8 March 2019 - 31 December 2019


© Ahhaa, Nausicaá, C. Neutre

If you want to showcase oceanic science and innovation to a general audience, it is best to let them try it out themselves. Only a few among us have the privilege to operate an underwater research vehicle, or experience the force of the ocean on a wave-energy collecting platform. This is why the MARINA consortium created the MARINA travelling exhibition: to bring scientific experiences closer to everybody, in a true responsible research and innovation fashion!

The exhibition tells us about contemporary marine issues or marine opportunities through hands-on, playful experience, curiosity-sparking and discovery activities. The ocean holds many treasures, many of which must be approached with care and responsibility. This is the message that the MARINA travelling exhibition wants to pass on to visitors, both young and old.

The exhibition showcases how treasures from the sea can benefit our daily life, whether we live on the coast or in the hinterland, and how we can use them in a responsible way. A special focus is given to marine biotechnologies, deep-sea mining, sea transportation and marine renewable energy with the emphasis on the role of public engagement, science education, open access, ethics, gender balance and governance in empowering European society to meet current marine and societal challenges and contribute to the well-being of humanity through sustainable use of marine resources.

Consisting of hands-on exhibits, the MARINA exhibition encourages active participation of visitors, who will learn how to build a sustainable future based on Blue Growth.

The aim of the MARINA travelling exhibition is to help European citizens of all ages understand the importance of the world’s ocean and how marine Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) can unlock its huge potential and lead towards a marine literate, “Blue Society.”

The MARINA travelling exhibition was created in Estonia, at the Science Centre AHHAA, in collaboration with Nausicaá, French National Sea Centre in the framework of the MARINA project funded by the H2020 programme. The maps incorporate data provided by our partners at the EU Copernicus Marine Service, TeleGeography and others.


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NAUSICAA, Centre National de la Mer