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Consortium Agreements for Horizon 2020 - 1 day workshop

Workshop Date: 13th September 2016
Workshop Location: Cambridge, UK
Workshop Organiser: Singleimage Limited

13 September 2016 - 13 September 2016
United States

The Workshop

A good consortium agreement can support effective project management and minimise risks to intellectual property (IP). But what is a good consortium agreement? Should power to transfer budgets between partners rest with the coordinator, or with a committee of all partners? Should affiliates have free access to the IP generated in the project? Which takes priority: academic publication or commercial confidentiality? Should EC payments be distributed immediately, or only on proof of work done?

This workshop will explain the main features and options for consortium agreements for collaborative projects in Horizon 2020 (H2020). It will compare the DESCA, Digital Europe and EUCAR model consortium agreements and will cover the major terms of the EC grant agreement, which provides the context.

The workshop is aimed at those negotiating consortium agreements: research managers, advisors and contracts staff. Note: those requiring information on the financial aspects of Horizon 2020 should attend one of our finance workshops.

Each workshop is designed to be interactive, and questions can be asked at any time. To facilitate this, attendance is limited to 24 participants. Our workshops are all given in English

Draft Agenda

09:00 Registration and coffee
09:30 Roles and processes in the EC grant agreement: coordinator, consortium and beneficiaries: reporting, project suspension and termination; amendments
11:00 Refreshment break
11:15 Managing the project: what consortium agreements say about boards, committees and the coordinator; decision taking and vetoes; planning, reporting, reallocating budgets and scheduling payments
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Intellectual property (IP) in the EC grant agreement: ownership, protection, background included and excluded, access to results, transfer of IP and access for affiliates
15:00 Refreshment break
15:15 IP in the consortium agreement: gaining access to the background you need; sharing results – or limiting access; paying royalties or not; open source software or object code only
16:30 End of formal workshop

Workshop leader

The Workshop will be led by Paul Drath of Singleimage. Paul has extensive experience of EU research programmes gained over the last twenty five years, as proposal evaluator, project reviewer and participant or coordinator in more than sixteen EU funded projects. He has lectured on EU research to audiences from every EU Member State and Associated Country, and from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. He is frequently invited to speak at events relating to EU research funding organized by Horizon 2020 National Contact Points, associations and foundations, as well as individual universities and institutes.


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