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Africa-Europe Symposium on Research Infrastructures

Bringing together research infrastructures from Africa and Europe to build sustainable scientific collaborations.

Fundamental Research
23 March 2020 - 24 March 2020
Cape Town, South Africa

RI-VIS brings together so-called Research Infrastructures – organizations created to serve particular research communities – in order to work together more efficiently and effectively. Our 13 partners come from the life sciences, climate science and social sciences to better coordinate research on national and institutional levels.

Now we are looking to exchange know-how with research organizations beyond Europe.

Our Africa-Europe symposium will bring together staff from the European infrastructures and South African and other African research infrastructures and institutions who might be interested in collaborations. We also invite representatives from relevant funding agencies as well as policy makers to join and discuss opportunities for working together. By bringing together the right people we hope to create collaborations and initiate networks in a sustainable way so that all stakeholders benefit.

Interested in attending? For more information and to register please see or contact

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