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The Science of Neutrons – A Misrahi Seminar

The EU-funded BrightnESS-2 and FILL2030 projects will be organising a seminar in Ein Gedi, Israel, on 1-4 March 2020.

Fundamental Research
1 March 2020 - 4 March 2020
Ein Gedi, Israel

While Israeli researchers have an excellent reputation for their use of X-ray scattering (a technique highly complementary to neutron scattering) in synchrotron facilities worldwide, the use of neutrons by the Israeli research community is far more limited. The main goal of this seminar is to increase the knowledge, visibility and opportunities of neutrons to the Israeli academic community, and also promote innovative multidisciplinary research with neutrons. The meeting will therefore be open to all Israeli institutions.

Graduate students and postdoctoral and faculty members from diverse communities (e.g. magnetism, physics, biology, soft condensed matter) are encouraged to participate. The seminar will offer younger scientists and students the opportunity to learn how they can use neutrons to investigate the structure and dynamics of a broad range of materials.

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