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Content archived on 2023-04-12

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SENSIA showcases its first OGI prototype

SENSIA’s Fixed Monitoring System is the first-year outcome of H2020’s SME Instrument GaSeS project

One of the most important milestones in GaSeS project it the development of three Optical Gas Imaging systems, each for a particular case of use. Coinciding with GaSeS midterm, SENSIA has presented the fully functional prototype of the Fixed Monitoring System, which will be tested at Oil&Gas installations in different European locations. This testing phase is a key part of the second year of the GaSeS project and will strengthen the performance of SENSIA systems for market launch. Fixed Monitoring System is SENSIA's proposal to address one of the key security concerns of the Oil&Gas industry: earlier detection and location of both flame and gas leaks. This system is oriented to detect gas releases produced by accidents, damage or dysfunctions in installations or components. The interest of SENSIA’s Fixed Monitoring System is for the HSE department of the produces, mainly in the Oil&Gas sector. Working as a CCTV, in addition to gas detection, it incorporates automatic flame detection capability, so a single instrument fuse FLAME & GAS detection. Additionally, it has other advantages over current systems: • Continuous and autonomous monitoring of potential leaks in real time • Multiple leaks detection in the same FOV • Cost effective leak and malfunction mitigation strategies • Dual and simultaneous use: flame and gas detection with a single equipment • Increased efficiency • Lower maintenance: reduction the number of sensors The design process together with the feedback received by some of the key players (and potential clients) in the sector, led to the realization of 3 versions of the fixed model. Starting from the same IR system, the fixed model is available with: • Sun Shield • ATEX encapsulation • Pan & tilt system SENSIA anticipates a great acceptance in large installations of Oil&Gas, where a system of these characteristics can give a leap of quality in terms of safety. Tests at facilities planned for the second year of the GaSeS project will determine the acceptance of this flagship product.


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