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Content archived on 2023-03-27

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Research programme (Euratom) concerning the decommissioning of nuclear installations, 1984-1988

Part of the first Framework Programme (1984-1987) under subactivity 5.1.: "Nuclear fission".
To investigate the development of a system for managing nuclear installations that have been finally shut down and for disposing of the radioactive wastes produced in their dismantling, thus providing both mankind and the environment with the best possible protection from the potential hazards of decommissioning.
Three areas:

- Research and development projects:
. Long-term integrity of buildings and systems;
. Decontamination;
. Dismantling techniques;
. Treatment of specific waste materials (steel, concrete and graphite);
. Production of large containers for radioactive waste;
. Estimation of the quantities of radioactive waste arising from decommissioning;
. Influence of installation design;

- Identification of guiding principles in the design and operation of nuclear installations and their decommissioning with a view to simplifying the decommissioning operation and to defining the future elements of a Community policy in this field;

- Testing of new techniques under real conditions.
The Commission, assisted by a consultative committee, was responsible for implementing this programme which involved, in particular, the authorities responsible for nuclear safety and radiation protection, the operators of power stations and potential contractors (organizations and firms) engaged in nuclear research.