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Cloud, IoT and AI technologies


The main focus of the joint research is to develop innovative solutions integrating AI with Cloud and IoT technologies to support future AI applications in an efficient way.

A number of R&D areas need to be considered so as to deliver these advanced cloud platforms with IoT for AI (i.e. innovative cloud computing models to deliver cross-border future AI applications; new data management models built on AI-based optimal resource allocation; new approaches for cloud resources orchestration for AI data processing; new approaches to handle a dynamic dataset in the federated clouds for AI functions; Cloud and IoT combined platforms managing intelligence from IoT objects and surroundings and supporting data-intensive applications; efficient navigation, device control and enhanced decision-making technologies using intelligence, etc.).

The technologies developed should be validated through concrete cross-border AI applications in business (cross-border enterprise settings) and/or

Over the last years Cloud computing technologies have evolved into the major driver that brought together IoT, Big Data and mobile computing into an integrated and ubiquitous computing platform. The capability offered by the cloud platforms to deliver on-demand computing power and the ability to process the vast amount of data coming from an abundance of devices/sensors will provide a huge impetus to AI technologies as never realized before. In order to provide AI services on Cloud computing platforms, the harmonious management of computing resources through multi-cloud federation environment as well as huge data management and analytics are necessary. In addition, there is a need for new mechanisms using intelligence to manage the deluge of data from various surroundings; standardizing open IoT data management platforms to enable launching new value-added AI services; data acquisition method using IoT technologies.

Combining Cloud, IoT and AI will bring tremendous technological advances with enormou

  • Concrete implementation of interoperable and reliable combined cloud/IoT solutions to support robust AI applications.
  • Facilitate and enhance the adoption of combined cloud/IoT platforms and development, operation and delivery of AI services in future.
  • Credible demonstrations based on cross-border business and/or societal AI applications on the cloud platform developed.
  • Joint contributions to international standardization and/or forum activities.