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HPC and data centric environments and application platforms


Proposals should address the development of energy-efficient HPC solutions supporting the adoption of applications with industrial and societal relevance for Europe on evolving HPC hardware and system software/programming environments.

The use of HPC solutions to generate innovation and value creation should be clearly demonstrated (for instance in manufacturing, farming, health, mobility, natural hazards, climate, energy, space, finance or cybersecurity) and aimed at providing secure and simple access and service provisioning to relevant stakeholders based on such HPC solutions.

These developments should be driven by complex application workflows, for instance High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), combining artificial intelligence and simulation modelling, exploiting underlying hardware heterogeneity/modularity, integrating cloud-based solutions etc.) and should offer solutions to key application areas including industrial use cases. These developments may also promote the efficient use of platforms and architectures best suited for the targeted use cases and applications (e.g. accelerated platforms).

The required and available data assets should be clearly described. Actions should include co-design in close cooperation with the scientific disciplines to explore and demonstrate the technical feasibility and value of advanced workflows, e.g. mixed/integrated simulation, HPDA & AI, and ensuring wide adoption in production use.

The JU considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the JU of up to EUR 4 million, matched by the Participating States with a similar amount, and a duration of 3 years would allow would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately.[[Please refer to the Annex of the Work Plan for the funding rate and the national contribution to this topic]] Nevertheless this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals with another duration or requesting other amounts.

to support the development of High Performance Computing (HPC) and data driven HPC software environments and application oriented platforms to generate innovation and value creation in sectors of societal and industrial relevance for Europe.

Proposals should describe how the proposed work will contribute to the listed corresponding expected impacts and include baseline, targets and metrics to measure impact.

  • Contribution to the realisation of the EuroHPC overall and specific objectives[[Council Regulation 2018/1488 of 28 September 2018 establishing the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC)]]
  • Demonstrated relevance of the main target sector for European industry or society and in ensuring European technological autonomy in this field and in the Digital Single Market
  • Demonstrated innovation and productivity enhancement in the main target sector
  • Effective integration of HPC technologies in the main target sector with measurable end-user metrics such as accessibility, scalability, performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and cost
  • Widening the use of and facilitating the access to advanced HPC, big data and cloud infrastructures stimulating the emergence of the data economy in Europe.