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2014: Policy environment for FET Flagships

Specific challenge: The overall challenge is to foster a common European effort by contributing to dissemination efforts, impact assessments and other actions which support and strengthen the FET Flagship initiatives. This also extends to enhancing the interplay between FET Flagships and other Union policies and technology transfer of technologies towards exploitation. Any proposal has to demonstrate that it adds value beyond the activities implemented in each the FET Flagships Graphene and HBP.

Scope: Actions supporting the policy environment of the FET Flagships, addressing aspects such as:

•                Supporting collaboration between the FET Flagships and international programmes;

•                Assessing the impacts of FET Flagship initiatives, including through metrics and indicators;

•                Analysing market potential and supporting technology transfer;

•                Collection of information need for policy making, e.g. through consultation actions and surveys.


 Expected impact:

•                enhanced flow of information from FET Flagships towards in particular policy makers and the wider public;

•                enhanced complementarities between FET Flagships and related initiatives, in particular those at a global level;

•                improved understanding of impacts of FET Flagships on science, technology, economy and society;

•                Better use of opportunities for technology transfer, innovation and exploitation;

•                Improved availability of information need for policy making;

•                Stable and structured environment for the benefit of the FET Flagships.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Actions