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Support for a Member States’ concerted market surveillance action on EU product energy efficiency legislation


Compliance by industry and dealers with EU product efficiency legislation is key to ensure that the EU's energy efficiency targets are met. Non-compliance with these rules is estimated to reduce the resulting savings by at least 10%. Enforcement of this legislation is the sole competence of Member States.

This action aims to strengthen the enforcement of the Ecodesign Directive, the Energy Labelling Directive and the Regulation on Labelling of Tyres, by supporting the coordination, monitoring, verification and enforcement activities of national Market Surveillance Authorities, in particular for those products that represent the highest energy saving potential or those that represent new challenges (e.g. newly regulated products), thereby improving compliance and increasing energy savings. The project should not replace activities that are under the responsibility of Member States, but should add European value to them. The project is expected to cover both horizontal activities (i.e. actions that are