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5G PPP – 5G innovations for verticals with third party services


Experimentation facilities able to provide enhanced experimentation infrastructures on top of which third party experimenters e.g. SMEs or any service provider and target vertical users will have the opportunity to test their applications in an integrated, open, cooperative and fully featured network platform running across multiple domains where needed, and tailored to specific vertical use case.

The objective is to focus on innovation for operations and secure/trusted service provisioning taking advantage of experimental facilities featuring virtualised and software implemented functions and representative of a redesigned virtualised access/core network. The facilities should provide opportunities for SMEs and developers to experiment their applications in the context of specific vertical use cases on open experimental network platforms, and to create 5G open source repositories for wide use and towards standards development. Typical vertical use cases include connected and automated mobility, smar

Software networks provide high flexibility through implementation of virtual network functions (VNFs). VNF's may be chained across several domains to create Network Applications (NetApps) tailored to the requirements of specific tenants, as demonstrated under previous 5G PPP phases. This requires open platforms that provide access to networks resources which can then be used to develop NetApps supporting requirements and developments from specific vertical sectors.

  1. Testing and validation of NetApp solutions on top of a 5G virtualised experimental environment with different implemented functions and vertical-specific configurations.
  2. NetApps secure interoperability beyond vendor-specific implementation across multiple domains and availability of related standards or reference implementations.
  3. Open-source repository of network applications that can be further leveraged by other developers.
  4. Creation of third party markets for start-ups and SMEs. 50% of SMEs are targeted for this action.
  5. Relevant 5G PPP KPI: Service creation time in minutes.
  6. Generation of results that may be appropriate for transfer towards an incubator or a start up, either within the project or outside of the projects in follow up actions.