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Exploitation of IMI project results


This call for proposals aims at providing a starting/short term support to develop enabling solutions to ensure that significant results from IMI projects become fully exploitable, available to all relevant end users, and/or fully sustainable in the long term and in their own right. This will ensure that the significant outputs, important samples and/or data that have been generated by the large public-private investments are maintained and made available for future research by the whole scientific community and that important findings are integrated in general research and medical practice in support of the objectives of IMI2. The work to be supported will consist mainly of activities and measures to make the results available to the broader scientific community and as such may include measures to enable technology transfer and the analysis of regulatory aspects, as well as the standardisation and transfer of samples, databases, tools, etc. to sustainable infrastructures. In addition, the work may also encompass further activities should novel solutions/tools/methods be required to achieve the objectives of sustaining the results and ensuring their full impact. These could include adaptation of technologies to enable wider engagement, development of novel standardisation and/or interoperability measures, further development of scientific and business solutions, etc., as appropriate.

Applicants should be aware that only the project results identified in the list of results available on the IMI2 JU website are within the scope of this Call. As such, applicants must clearly indicate through their proposals which results they are utilising.

The relevant consortia will provide the necessary access rights to any potential applicant in furtherance of the call objectives and according to applicable IMI rules.

A key challenge of any research funding scheme is to ensure that significant results, outputs and/or data generated during the lifetime of a project remain available to be further exploited for maximum beneficial impact after the project finishes. Often, important scientific results reach the public domain via publication in relevant scientific journals. However, for some important results – which may include databases, biobanks, new tools, important clinical samples, demonstration models, etc. – the route to becoming available to the wider scientific community or being exploited fully, remains a difficult path. Realising the full potential of a project’s important results within the timeframe available is not always possible and might sometimes only be achieved through the involvement of additional expertise from outside of the project.

It is expected that proposals selected for award under this call will lead to a sustainable future and full exploitation for key IMI project results. It is also envisaged that sustaining these results will stimulate the development of an open innovation model in biopharmaceutical research and contribute to the achievement of IMI2 objectives.

Selected proposals should demonstrate an appreciation of the impact of exploiting the results with respect to long-term sustainability; an impact on R&D, regulatory, clinical and healthcare practice, as relevant; strengthening the competitiveness and industrial leadership and/or addressing specific societal challenges, and improving European citizens' health and wellbeing, when appropriate.