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Innovation pilots


Funding will be provided to research infrastructure networks to kick-start the implementation of a common strategy/roadmap for technological developments required for improving their services through partnership with industry. Proposals should then involve research infrastructures, industry and SMEs to promote innovation and knowledge sharing through co-creation of needed technical solutions and make use, when appropriate, of large-scale platforms combining R&D (Research and Development), integration and validation for the technological developments.

Proposals should address:

  • if not already done,the identification of key techniques and trends which are crucial for future construction and upgrade of the involved Research Infrastructures and the definition of roadmaps and/or strategic agendas for their development, in close partnership with the industrial partners, especially with innovative SMEs;
  • the development of the identified fundamental technologies or techniques

    Pan-European Research Infrastructures use more and more sophisticated technologies not available on the market, which require ad-hoc developments and often the use of large-scale platforms combining R&D (Research and Development), integration and validation. These platforms can also provide longer-term visibility and involvement of European industry in scientific and technological advancements and therefore ensure greater socio-economic impact.

    This activity will:

    • Enhance the scientific competitiveness of European Research Infrastructures in the long-term and the further development of innovative companies;
    • Facilitate the creation of both large and viable markets and structuring industrial partners in a critical mass to enable European industry to respond to demands from international Research Infrastructures;
    • Support the integration of research infrastructures into local, regional and global innovation systems.