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RIGHT (Rig instrumentation, test support & data analysis of High Speed Power Turbine)


The present work is mainly aimed at developing experimental features able to properly characterize the flow field and the aerodynamic efficiency of a turbine module to validate the specific technologies and solutions adopted for a high speed turbine. In particular, the acquired data should be able to characterize the unsteady 3-dimensional flow field developing inside the different blade rows of the rig, in order to further explain the loss production mechanisms, responsible for the efficiency of the module (measured by means of standard measurements at the shaft of the turbine) and to achieve more understanding of the effects of adopted specific design features. Furthermore, since the unsteady data acquired in the high speed test rig will include complex flow features, due to the unsteady interaction of a multi stage turbine, innovative (ad hoc developed) post-processing routines are requested in order to simplify and understand the problem. For example, proper orthogonal decomposition or time-space Fourier transform or ad-hoc modal reduction techniques should be applied to the unsteady results in order to reduce the order of the problem. The results will be adopted in order to establish design criteria for the optimization of high efficiency turbine blades for new concept aeroengines, as well as to verify different technology solutions tested in more simplified facilities.