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Conceptual Design of a 19-passenger Commuter Aircraft with near zero emissions


This thematic topic focuses on the design of a 19 pax commuter aircraft based on alternative propulsion concepts (electric, hybrid/electric, fuel cells, etc.) targeting near-zero CO2 emissions. Architectures may include (but are not limited to) concepts based on a jet-fueled (piston or turbine) engine generating electric power, recharging batteries and driving electric propellers or fans (distributed or not), full electric aircraft, or propulsion using alternative energy systems and energy carriers like fuel cells, hydrogen, LNG etc.
A conceptual design is required, based on a typical aircraft specification of a high-speed (285 KTAS)/high altitude (25000ft), pressurized configuration. The design should be compliant with FAR23 / CS23 regulation, range and payload may be optimized. The expected project outcome would include sizing and layout of system components, including fault tolerance scenarios, and quantified environmental targets, including a full LCA analysis of the proposed concepts. Please refer