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Innovative DC/DC converter for HVDC power sources hybridization


HVDC power network is the future power network for the more electrical aircraft and is an enabler for sources hybridization as new functions. The More Electrical Aircraft HVDC network sources hybridization function requires a dedicated HVDC DC/DC converter to manage the appropriate interface between the HVDC power sources, the distribution network, and the HVDC power storage. This innovative converter shall be designed, simulated, developed and integrated into Airbus HVDC network demonstrator. The expected innovations are:
• converter control laws allowing parallelization of different HVDC sources at demonstrator level
• demonstration of high power density and high efficiency based on:
o disruptive topologies and switching control
o introduction of new components technologies
o innovative filtering topologies with new solutions investigating active and passive designs compliant with HVDC power quality Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call.