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Installed UHBR Nacelle Off-Design Performance Characteristics.

UHBR engines require novel advanced low drag nacelles, and close coupled wing installations, outside current design experience. The Project objective is investigate how novel UHBR Nacelles perform under off design conditions, (take off high lift, at windmill and idle), and provide a detail understanding of the complex flow separation physics to assist in interpreting FTB results. A detailed understanding of the factors influencing external flow separation mechanism will enable improved design rules, prediction methodologies and geometric enhancements to be developed. This requires utilising a range of CFD techniques to predict external cowl separation mechanisms and Wind Tunnel Component testing with high fidelity instrumentation to measure the detail flow physics of the external cowl under off design windmill high incidence conditions; and installed nozzle suppression under take off windmill and idle conditions to provide CFD validation data. Jet flap interaction Noise understanding also needs to be enhanced to aid interpretation of FTB results. Acoustic measurements should be undertaken during the same test series; with an aligned CAA (computational aero acoustics) study to extrapolate the test results to the free flight environment. Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call.