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Long Term EU-Africa Partnership for Research and Innovation actions in the area of renewable energy


The proposal will establish a long term partnership through the implementations of a series of strategic and joint research and innovation actions, and their related research capacity building actions, whose development has been conceptualised and whose essential elements have been so far developed by the project PRE_LEAP_RE granted under topic LC-SC3-JA-2-2018. The scope of the research activities supported under the long term partnership would include adaptation of renewable energy technologies to the African environmental, social and economic conditions through joint research efforts on renewable energy technologies.

The range of activities supported shall address the broad range elements identified in the preparatory phase and shall include a well-balanced set of research projects, demonstration projects, technology transfer projects, and also include provisions for exchange of researchers between MSs/ACs and African actors. A rolling annual programme of activities will be an annual deliverable detailing the breakdown of activities for each year based on the overall programme of activities. The action might also include financial support to third parties.

It is also expected that the activities proposed under this long term partnership create synergies with existing research, innovation and development programmes.

Inclusiveness of a broad range of MSs/ACs and African partners will be considered an asset. In addition, due to the synergic effect that the coordination of public and private investments and activities can have on accelerating the fast market introduction of innovative solutions, the inclusion in the consortium of private sector stakeholders will be considered a positive asset.

The estimated duration of the project in order to achieve the establishment of the long term and sustainable collaboration is 5 years.

The EU estimates that a EU contribution of 15 million EUR would sufficiently allow the establishment of the intended long term partnership. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of a proposal requesting different amounts.

Following the EU commitments under the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and the Cotonou Agreement, the renewed objective to evolve current forms of cooperation into equal footing partnership between Africa and Europe, the current research and innovation cooperation between Europe and Africa in the field of renewable energy needs to be strengthened and further developed. The challenge is to establish and jointly implement activities that contribute to a mutual beneficial Research and Innovation agenda and its related Research Capacity Building agenda. Through this action EU member states/ Associated Countries and African states interested parties (public and private) will carry out joint research activities between the two continents, will develop synergies and will push forward research capacity building activities in the field of renewable energy production and use, to promote mutual empowerment and to enhance co-designed innovation.

Coordination of the already existing bilateral activities between MSs/ACs and African countries is advisable.

The expected impacts are firstly the creation of long lasting research and development cooperation through common understanding and trust between MSs/ACs and African stakeholders and its related mechanisms,that will be able to continue after the project. Secondly, the contribution to the development of local vibrant research and industrial frameworks, boosting in particular African innovation capacity and significantly improve African stakeholders ability to be included in research and collaboration future networks, improving local innovation capacity. Finally, a strong contribution to the fast development and market introduction of sustainable renewable energy solutions in the African continent.