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The objective of the action is to further intensify the services provided by the EURAXESS Service Centres by expanding their mandate of taking care of the early career development of researchers and entrepreneurs in Europe with particular focus on female Higher Education Institution students and researchers. The services of the EURAXESS network will reach out to mobile and non-mobile researchers and entrepreneurs with the aim of contributing to European policy developments in this area on opening new career trajectories in industry, thus including start-ups. This action will support activities of the EURAXESS Service Network represented by Bridgehead Organisations to address strategic issues related to support services of the network. The further diversification of career development and/or support for dual careers centres will be expanded over a wider geographical range of the network, support to researchers and young entrepreneurs for start-ups in SMEs and industry and concepts for better integration of researchers into the culture of the host country and to the culture of a business environment, as well as mentoring programmes for researchers.

Other services for researchers will be proposed: for instance, national EURAXESS websites will provide information on start-up schemes and skills for researchers in the respective country and relate to policy information as provided on the European EURAXESS portal about EU research policies for researchers and EU schemes developing more career opportunities. This includes issues related to a Global and a European Research Area and Responsible Research and Innovation. Activities such as the deepening of existing services through trainings, seminars, networking and updating of national EURAXESS portals will also be part of this action.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of the order of EUR 3.00 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

EURAXESS aims at helping researchers and entrepreneurs to advance their career in Europe and thus make research and innovation more attractive, both for researchers in Europe who are facing career decisions and for those who are currently outside Europe and might consider relocating to Europe to develop their careers. From mainly mobility support, the EURAXESS network shall become the reference tool also for career development of researchers in public or private institutions.

Better take up of career development guidance and the collaboration with start-ups and SME will open new career options for researchers and accelerate knowledge transfer to industry and fast take up of research results.

Increased job and funding opportunities on the EURAXESS Jobs portal and personalised assistance to researchers will accelerate the career development of young researchers, in particular female researchers. In the medium term, the action will produce efficiency gains and reduce transaction costs by creating a better match of existing talent and R&I needs and capacity in European research institutions and businesses. It will contribute directly to the Horizon 2020 objective of cross-national and international circulation of researchers; it will increase the number of researchers who have access to research infrastructures through Union support and the number of excellent researchers overall. It will contribute to meeting ERA objectives on gender equality. Over time, the action will contribute directly towards European targets on R&DI intensity and percentage of researchers in the active population, and to boost European research and innovation competitiveness.

By increasing the service level of the whole EURAXESS Services Network, the benefit for the research community will be long-lasting and far-reaching.