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Increased safety, security, performance of the European Border and Coast Guard and of European customs authorities


Research should investigate and define future capability needs for increasing the safety, security, performance and user experience of the operational staff of border and coast guards and of customs authorities. This also in view of the reinforcement of the standing corps of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. Research should analyse capabilities to facilitate and/or protect the work of the operational staff, including their safety and security. Technological components may include security and safety solutions and protective equipment for deployed staff, advanced communication systems, advanced human interface devices and sensors. Capability needs and possible solutions should also be explored on increased situational awareness for border and coast guards and customs, including how to prepare for and manage changing situations; and/or on analytics support solutions for managing border and coast guards or customs staff, response and operations, taking into account legal and ethical, including data protection, requirements.

Complementarity with other security research streams, such as those that developed critical business continuity and safety and security solutions for security practitioners and first responders should be explored, while ensuring tailoring to the user needs in the specific operational context.

Proposals under this topic are expected to address the priorities of the European Border and Coast Guard and of its Agency (Frontex) starting from the design of their work, and engage with the Agency in the development of the project. Proposals should give a key role to Frontex in validating the project outcomes, with the aim of facilitating future uptake of innovations for the border and coast guard community.

Research projects should consider, build on if appropriate and not duplicate previous research, including but not limiting to research by other Framework Programmes projects such as those on human factors and/or on situational awareness capabilities for border security and border management, as well as European studies on potential applications of technologies to the improvement of border management capabilities.