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Next Generation Internet community-building and outreach (CSA)


The proposal will support the European Commission in engaging a diverse community of stakeholders, including internet innovators, researchers, start-ups and SMEs, but also policy makers, internet end-users, social partners, local communities and citizens at large, in order to develop and implement the NGI vision of a human-centric internet. It will liaise with similar initiatives at national and regional level. It should help grow the community by promoting broad stakeholder engagement in NGI activities and projects, in particular by engaging internet innovators who are new to EU programmes. The project should seek to ensure through dedicated activities diverse participation in terms of profiles, gender, age, ethnic group, abilities, and nationality (including from neighbouring regions). It should have dedicated activities to promote the involvement of women innovators.

The proposal should support the European Commission in NGI branding and marketing activities, including extensive online and social media presence, press coverage and participation in key events, establishing a positive brand image in the Internet community and the public at large. Based on advanced digital and non-digital communication techniques, the project will lead NGI communication activities and coach other NGI projects in effective communication and marketing.

The Commission considers that proposals with an overall duration of 36 months would allow these outcomes to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other durations.