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Promote Europe's availability, affordability, sustainability and security of supply of essential chemicals and materials (IA)


Building on the experience gained from flexible production units[[F3 Factory, Copiride and Synflow projects in FP7]] it would be possible to equip base chemicals production containers with modular and standardised units capable to facilitate a swift shift in the final production outcome. The focus on the proposals under this topic should thus be the development of adaptable chemical plants with flexible outputs.

Innovation actions within this topic may include:

  • Improving flexibility and modularity of the equipment;
  • Adaptation of process analytical technologies for modular production, to support process control, automation, predictive maintenance and process coordination;
  • Smart equipment in intensified up and downstream processing;
  • Increasing safety of fully automatic operations and reducing occupational health related risks;
  • Enabling decentralised and continuous processing of high added value chemicals and materials;
  • Standardisation of modular production concepts, including international standards.

Chemicals and materials play a major role in society, and hence sustainability and life cycle of those products have a major impact on and provide solutions concerning the health and well-being of our citizens.

Proposals submitted under this topic should include a business case and exploitation strategy, as outlined in the introduction to this Destination.

This topic is open for international cooperation where the EU has reciprocal benefit, while excluding industrial competitors from countries where the safeguarding of IPRs cannot be guaranteed.