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Reusability for European strategic space launchers - technologies and operation maturation including flight test demonstration


Cost reduction and improving flexibility of European launch systems are the main challenges in order to foster European industry competitiveness on the global market.

R&I will focus on reusability concepts including required technologies that have a strong potential for cost reduction, starting with the recovery of the most expensive components such as first stage. It can also increase launch flexibility by reducing lead-time from order to launch by helping to adapt efficiently the launch rate and the performance to market variations. In addition, reusability would contribute to align space economy with the ecological transition to sustainability.

The activities will address technologies and building blocks maturation up to TRL5/6 and subsystem/system tests including system, vehicle integration, ground tests, low altitude flight system tests by 2023 and contribution to the preparation up to ground based system tests of suborbital flight system tests by 2025.