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Ultra low energy and secure networks (RIA)


Multidisciplinary projects with high scientific breakthrough potential towards lifting key technological roadblocks are expected. Work covers the following areas:

  • Technology for ultra high energy efficiency and capacity, with optical functions replacing more power-hungry electronics, towards the realisation of end-to-end all-optical networks. It aims at replacing electro-optical interfaces and their management by lower power optical interfaces and targets the extension to new wavelength bands to reach rates of 10 Terabit/s for optoelectronic Interfaces and over 1 Petabit/s for optical fibre systems.
  • Technology for Ultra high security and reliability, targeting improvements needed to reach end-to-end very high grade of security levels. Post-quantum replacements of current algorithms or provable and long-term secure data transmission of highly sensitive information is in scope, as well as novel. research directions like physical layer security for optical networks..

Use cases may target highly integrated Radio-optical networks, coping with a multiplicity of scenarios requiring different functional splits between different network parts, enabling optimal low cost operations of integrated fronthaul-backhaul and deterministic network behaviour for specific applications requiring ultra low latency.

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.