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2D materials-based devices and systems for energy storage and/or harvesting (RIA)


Proposals should develop solutions demonstrating the potential added value of 2DM-based energy storage like large energy storage technologies, beyond current Li-ion, for electric power grids/solar farms/wind farms with increased performances in terms of durability, safety, energy density and power density.

Proposals should also work on structural batteries and structural supercapacitors and related production techniques, i.e. energy storage devices integrated in structural parts of e.g. airplanes or cars, to address the demand of distributed sensors and electronics, functional printed micro-flexible supercapacitors for e.g. IoT applications.

Proposals addressing energy harvesting should investigate/establish proof of concepts/develop 2DM-based devices for energy conversion that can produce electricity in response to e.g. light, moisture, flowing liquid, friction, pressure force, or heat with unprecedented characteristics or unique functionalities.

Proposals should integrate the value chain and incorporate the relevant manufacturing technologies needed to bring the developed devices towards the market.

Proposals should include activities aiming at facilitating future exploitation of results.

Proposals should aim, by the end of the project, at validating technology in relevant environment (TRL 5).

The proposal should also cover the contribution to the governance and overall coordination of the Graphene Flagship initiative.

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.