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Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service evolution


The main scope of this R&I is the development of new and innovative models for marine ecosystems monitoring and related biogeochemistry. These models will be used to prepare Copernicus-based solutions for different policies areas and for the challenges related to biodiversity conservation. Some specific domains will be the exploitation of the dynamics of the biological component of the ocean in terms of ‘fauna and flora’, how this marine living component behaves in relation to the ocean physics (temperature, currents, sediments), its biochemistry composition (in particular the plankton-to-fish links), climate change and the man-made pressures (e.g. transport, pollution, fisheries, etc.).

With an integrated modelling approach, the integration of new observational data becomes a driver for further enhancement and improved realism of the already existing production chains, assimilation systems and coupled models. The development of advanced processing and modelling techniques,