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Through AI from Disinformation to Trust (IA)


Following the results of the Horizon Europe 2020/21 Work Programme, the second Horizon Europe 2023/24 Work Programme will support innovation activities to move closer to AI-based market and ultimately widely available solutions that can play an important role in ensuring pluralistic access to meaningful information, quality content and trustworthy online interaction. This topic is fully in line with both the EDAP – European Democracy Action Plan and MAAP – Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, for reinforcing the European media ecosystem and maintaining resilient democratic systems, in times of crises and of need for adaptation and change.

Given the emergence of the next generation of social media as part of digital universe(s) or fediverse(s), which are more immersive and based on virtual realities and gaming contexts, the detection of different forms of content manipulation (e.g. deep-fakes, tampered content and scammed environments) becomes even more challenging. Solutions provided would include the correlation/comparison of various sources of information, multi-modal language interpretation, rapid visual pattern detection in moving images and simulated environments, capabilities as recommendation engine/personal companion, and interfacing with augmented, virtual reality and gaming environments. Solutions should be gender-sensitive and not perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The innovation actions will bring together technological providers, media professionals and end users for ensuring market readiness of the results.

Proposals should clearly identify the expected outcome it will focus on as described above. All proposals are expected to embed mechanisms to assess and demonstrate progress (with qualitative and quantitative KPIs, demonstrators, benchmarking and progress monitoring), and share communicable results with the European R&D community, through the AI-on-demand platform. Activities are expected to achieve TRL6-7 by the end of the project.

All proposals are expected to allocate tasks to cohesion activities with the other subtopic, the PPP on AI, Data and Robotics and funded actions related to this partnership, and to extend and apply the results from the previous research and innovation topic on AI against Disinformation.