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Demonstration of superconducting systems and elpipes


The activities will concur to demonstrate the reliability of the technology and its applicability in the grid network.

  • Demonstration of up to ±100kV, up to 1 GW power, superconducting system (HTS) up to 5 km onshore.
  • Demonstration of ±100 kV, up to 1 GW power, superconducting system up to 100 km, offshore.
  • Demonstration of a SCTL based on MgB2 LH2 cooled, for DC with a length up to 1 km and above, onshore. The voltage level and the cable section should be designed to have the maximum benefits in terms of insulation requirements and conductor section for a capacity transfer of 10 kA and above.
  • Cable design and simulation of kA range faults, power reversal response, loss calculation and demonstration for protections of SCTL.
  • Technical-economic benefits of the SCTL demonstrated compared with traditional (overhead lines, XLPE cable).
  • Investigate the feasibility and applicability of elpipes with technical economic analysis, use cases, etc. for high transfer rates in identified corridors.

The selected projects are expected to contribute to relevant BRIDGE[[]] activities.