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Carbon-negative sustainable biofuel production


Proposals should develop cost-effective solutions to minimize carbon waste in sustainable biofuel production processes by inhibiting biogenic effluent gas emissions or incorporating biological and/or chemical/other capture of the biogenic effluent gas emissions from the process and use it as appropriate either for separate in-situ downstream synthesis of renewable fuels of biological origin, or integrate it in the sustainable biofuel production through recycling. Proposals should also include an innovative approach for biogenic carbon storage, through for example integrating production of biochar and using it as soil amendment to enhance organic carbon content and functionality of soil, as well as a means to sequester carbon into the soil. Synergies with renewable hydrogen production should be developed by incorporating it as appropriate in the sustainable biofuel production to compensate for additional needs in hydrogen, increase overall biomass conversion efficiency, minimize the biogenic carbon waste and reduce the fossil carbon footprint of the biofuel production. The overall GHG emissions should be assessed on the basis of a Life Cycle Analysis for proving negative GHG emissions and higher sustainability potential of biofuel production when reusing biogenic effluent gases in-situ, along with addressing socioeconomic aspects.