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Strengthening European coordination and exchange for innovation uptake towards sustainability, quality, circularity and social inclusion in the built environment as a contribution to the new European Bauhaus (Built4People)


The proposal should:

  • Develop business models to ensure co-financing options to foster innovation for sustainability, style, accessibility and quality of the built environment;
  • Support the creation and operation of whole value chain Innovation Clusters linked to the ‘Built4People’ (B4P) partnership (People-centric sustainable built environment[[]]).
  • Link up the concept of whole value chain Innovation Clusters with regional/national innovation hubs and clusters, and, to relevant pilot projects of the New European Bauhaus, seeking to improve collaboration between those;
  • Combine specialisation and advanced expertise with multi-disciplinary knowledge for cross-border value chains and offer the best possible R&I support to all actors of the European built environment ecosystem in particular for SMEs and mid-caps, as well as their stakeholders and clients;
  • Put in place a long-term and multi-disciplinary network structure for those Innovation Clusters, along with an appropriate governance, to focus and nurture public investments that would serve several regions of Europe;
  • Organise supporting dissemination actions, including workshops, conferences, peer-learning activities involving final end-users and relevant experts (e.g. accessibility), industrial fora, dissemination material, etc. and develop an organisation and business model for an effective collaboration among these Innovation Clusters, including after the end of the grant;
  • Seek to cooperate with other coordination actions designed to support the New European Bauhaus, for instance in relation to education and dissemination, in the scope of Horizon Europe[[E.g. actions funded under the HORIZON-CIT- 2021-01-02 topic, which should contribute to the New European Bauhaus movement and the objectives of the European Green Deal, in relation to the Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities.]] and beyond;
  • Cooperate closely with the leading partners of the B4P partnership.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on ‘People-centric, Sustainable Built Environment’ (Built4People).