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Coordination of large-scale initiative on future battery technologies (Batteries Partnership)


This call topic aim to network and coordinate the BATTERY 2030+ large scale research initiative on Future Battery Technologies and its contribution to the broader efforts of the European research and innovation stakeholders in battery technologies foreseen at European level and in the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan and to tackle long-term research challenges expected to result in 'game changing' impacts on future battery technologies paving the way for providing a technological competitive advantage to the European battery industry. Because of their ambition, their scale and their interdisciplinary nature, these challenges can only be realised through a long-term, coordinated and sustained effort at European level, by building on large scale research cooperation across academia and industry and with other research initiatives at regional, national and European level, and by mobilising Europe's best researchers around an ambitious long-term research agenda.

Proposals are expected to coordinate the research activities and the stakeholders participating in the initiative; to facilitate communication, dialogue and cooperation on crosscutting topics; to monitor the initiative's progress and maintain its roadmap; to provide support for its governance; to establish a robust and reliable knowledge base including key methodologies and established results; to promote and communicate the objectives of the initiative and its achievements, including by ensuring media presence and public visibility, by engaging with industry and society and by participating or organising outreach events; to identify training and education needs and promote European curricula in future battery technologies. In particular, proposals should identify and coordinate relevant efforts for modelling and data sharing, standardisation, intellectual property rights in cooperation with other relevant initiatives at European level. They should also help networking and collaboration with other relevant national and international activities in the field. They should cooperate with Batteries Europe, the ETIP on battery announced in the EU Strategic Action Plan on Batteries.

It is expected that such an activity is driven by representatives of the relevant actors of the field (e.g. from academia, RTOs and industry).

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on ‘Towards a competitive European industrial battery value chain for stationary applications and e-mobility’.