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Demonstration of cost-effective advanced biofuel technologies utilizing existing industrial plants


Proposals should demonstrate cost-efficient advanced biofuel technologies which improve the economic viability of the advanced biofuel production. This should be done through innovative transformation of existing plants to incorporate production of advanced biofuels from non-food/feed sustainable biomass feedstock into existing processes, e.g. first generation biofuel plants, paper mill industry, waste treatment plants, oil-refineries, petrochemical industry, etc. Integration of advanced biofuel processing should be done with new and innovative installations and it should be optimized implementing a circularity approach for energy and material, as well as digitalization as appropriate, e.g. by using sensors, smarter equipment, algorithms etc., to increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance of the final plant. Economic advantages in terms of both capital and operational expenditure for commercialization of advanced biofuels through transformation, as well as socio-economic benefits for phasing-out industries including the impact on current first generation biofuel sites should be addressed. Proposals should provide information about the expected economic improvements and the potential of full transformation to advanced biofuel plants as appropriate. All demonstrators should be fully and transparently documented, to ensure replicability, up-scaling and to assist future planning decisions.

This topic requires the effective contribution of SSH disciplines and the involvement of SSH experts, institutions as well as the inclusion of relevant SSH expertise, in order to produce meaningful and significant effects enhancing the societal impact of the related research activities.