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Improvement of light harvesting and carbon fixation with synthetic biology and/or bio-inspired//biomimetic pathways for renewable direct solar fuels production


Development of novel in-vivo or in-vitro biochemical and/or bio-inspired/biomimetic pathways for solar fuel production with increased efficiency in comparison to light and dark reactions of natural photosynthesis by synthetic biological and/or bio-inspired/biomimetic approaches. The aim is to achieve a significant improvement of components of both, light harvesting and carbon fixation, which are rate limiting for the conversion of solar energy to renewable fuels. Proposals are expected to include case studies for analysing the potential and impact of the technology for future application at scale and analyse possible interfaces with other solar fuel technologies, with a particular focus on socioeconomic and environmental sustainability including circular economy, social, economic and environmental aspects and cost-effectiveness. All relevant aspects of safety of the technology are expected to be addressed. Hydrogen as a fuel and end-product is excluded.

Projects are expected where possible to collaborate with and contribute to the activities of the Coordination and Support Action funded under the topic HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-16