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Quantify impacts of the trade in raw and processed biomass on ecosystems, for offering new leverage points for biodiversity conservation, along supply chains, to reduce leakage effects


In addition to focusing on limiting the impacts from biomass production and consumption on biodiversity, proposals should look at the whole trade-related value chain, at the scale needed to have a greater effect on protecting and restoring biodiversity. Proposals should analyse how the biomass sector could increase its positive impact on biodiversity. They should support biodiversity to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services, including on mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Proposals should increase the volume of evidence available by taking systematic approaches that take account of links between activities and leakage effects at different stages in the value chain or link production and consumption explicitly, including with institutions, businesses, retailers and investors, civil society, and should cover more than one product at a time.

The knowledge gained should help establish an ‘ecological footprint’ of biomass and the manufactured goods ba