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Support to processes triggered by IPBES and IPCC


Science-policy interfaces on biodiversity and nature-based solutions have made good progress in the last years, but must be stepped up to achieve the targeted impacts on biodiversity-relevant policies, and to get structured policy input into the research cycle. They are also key in guiding biodiversity governance, and in implementing the EU Green Deal and international conventions. In line with the Commission’s priority 'A stronger Europe in the world', the European Union must take and demonstrate leadership in this field, notably by increasing its support to IPBES -to elevate it to the same level as the IPCC-, and for the Convention on Biological Diversity. Besides economic support, this also includes efforts to create synergies and cooperation between IPBES, regional Multilateral Environmental Agreements, and other relevant research communities to ensure a full coverage of all relevant aspects of biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to underpin the full scope of the post 2020 globa